Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Randomness

I love Apple Butter! I've been eating it on buttered toast & blueberry bagels w/ cheesecake cream cheese nearly every day for the past couple of weeks. It's so yummy.


I'm DLing a free 14 day trial of City Of Heroes. I'm excited! I've never really had much interest in comics or super heroes, except for Batman. But I saw an ad saying that they've now added a new expansion pack to the game that lets the players create & edit the missions/quests. A MMO that has player created content has alot of potential so I decided to check it out.


I applied at but I failed their little tutorial test so now I have to wait 3 months to retake the damn thing. What a load of poop! I felt pretty confident & was sure that I'd done pretty good on that thing too. GRR!!

So I've found a few other ways to make a tiny bit of cash online... well hopefully...
I've got my fingers crossed anyway.


Speaking of making money...
I really hope I can make enough within the next month or so to purchase myself a
Cricut Expression!!
I'm not really crafty & have never seemed to be, which makes me sad, lol. I saw an infomercial a few years ago about the Original Cricut Personal Die Cut Machine. I thought it was a really cool gadget but I had no use for it. (( Oh did I mention I'm a total infomercialholic? ))
So anywho...
I was flipping through the TV a few nights ago trying to get my infomercial fix when I saw one on for the Cricut & thought "what the heck". I found out after tuning in that it was a new & VASTLY improved Cricut Expressions. I WANT ONE! OMG I WANT ONE!!

I want to start scrapbooking ASAP because I want to make books for every year or two of my daughters life & then give them to her when she graduates high school. The C-EX would make that little idea into an awesome reality!! This sucker can do all kinds of cool stuff. I checked out the reviews for it on amazon & there were some negative ones, so I decided to check out the actual website. Glad I did because they have a very huge, very active forum. People are very friendly on there & are constantly posting pics of all the nifty stuff they've made using their Cricut.

It's a personal die cutting machine. It does not require hooking up to a computer at all, it's a stand alone machine. It uses a cartridge system to cut the images & words you choose. There are tons of carts to pick from. They can get abit pricey from what I've seen though, about $30-$50 a pop, but each one has 100s of images on it. You can also choose to hook any of the Cricut machines up to your computer if you wish & use a program called Sure Cuts A Lot that lets you use your Cricut to cut out all kinds of images, fonts & wingdings right from your computer, that you can download for free from all over the net. I plan on starting off doing that most likely because it'll be cheaper. Then every month or so I can purchase one cartridge & start building a library.

So anyway...where was I?...I lost my train of thought...

Oh yeah, the Cricut will cut images & text from a variety of materials including cardstock, vinyl, fabric, chipboard, magnets & a whole lot more. You can also use it to do glass etching! It will cut in a variety of sizes also. The Cricut-EX cuts the largest though, 12x12 & you can buy a mat that will allow you to cut up to 24 inches.
I thought this would be really great for when my little girl comes home with a school project she needs done!

Ok enough raving about how awesome this tool is. I'll get one soon enough & then can start being all crafty like & selling stuff on Etsy like everyone else, lol.

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