Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last House On The Left...Left Me Speechless

I saw the preview for "The Last House On The Left" a week or so ago & thought it looked awesome. I've really been wanting to watch it. My little sister & her boyfriend rented it & said that it "Started off making you think you'd wasted your money but it got better"

Well...they've never had the best taste in movies...

So tonight Hubby & I cooked pizza & curled up on the couch, taking a break from our WoW playing to order it on Direct TV.

It didn't take too long for it to kick in & when it did it didn't let go till the explosive ending. I'm totally blown away by this flick. It's without a doubt one of the BEST movies to be remade. (granted I didn't see the original, but from what I've heard that's a good thing) Hell I think it's one of the best thriller/suspense movies to come outta Hollywood in a long long time. It takes a lot to get me on the edge of my seat when it comes to movies but with this one I literally was sitting on the edge of the couch, lol.

So if you're looking for an over the top adrenaline rush that's actually very believable then you NEED to watch this movie asap!

*There is one extremely painful scene to watch, not for the faint of heart, I couldn't watch it & brought me to sob like a baby. You've been warned

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Darkness & Light

Tuesday afternoon my step-dad finally passed away due to cancer. I'd went to see him a few days before & he looked so horrible, I've never seen anything like it & I hope to never have to again. He was totally out of it due to being on so many pain meds & he looked like a barely living skeleton with saggy skin. It was the most horrible thing I think I've ever seen. I was so upset about it, that I kept having to run to the bathroom & just cry & cry. Guess it's a good thing I'm 8 months pregnant because everyone just thought I kept having to go potty. I'm happy that he's no longer suffering & I suppose that's why I'm not nearly as upset about his passing. The funeral was Thursday & afterwards I ended up just going back to my aunts with my mom & sister & staying there until Saturday after my baby shower.

My baby shower was nice, granted pretty unorganized & odd, but still nice. It was just more or less a family gathering with finger foods & gifts, lol. My little Frost got tons upon tons of clothes. My mother said "I've NEVER EVER been to a baby shower & seen someone walk away with so many new outfits & other stuff for their baby!!" So I think my little Frosty will be set for her first few months anyway.

Also last week I was informed via email that I won two more blog contests, wow that's now 4 contests I've won in less than two months!! I've never won any kind of contest until recently, lol, I should play the lottery or something!! Granted I'm winning small things here & there but it makes me happy & gives me hope that things will get better for myself, the hubby & our families.

The first contest I won was for a book called Year of the Cock: The Remarkable True Account of a Married Man Who Left His Wife and Paid the Price. I won this from
The second contest that I won was from I got really lucky & managed to snag myself a Tend-A-Tot 6 in 1 tote!! I did get a diaper bag at my shower yesterday but it's kinda small so This one that I picked out will come in super handy I'm sure!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Labor Pains" DVD Giveaway

Jennifer over at Another Jennifer Speaks is holding a contest that ends on August 11th at midnight for the dvd "Labor Pains". I haven't even heard of this movie but it sounds really cute & amusing. I dunno about you but I sure could use a good giggle right about now! You can check out the contest & enter HERE!

A Little Bit Of Light

Even though things seem to just keep going horribly wrong for me & hubby these past few weeks there is a tiny bit of light shining down in this dark hole right now.

It doesn't take much to make me happy really...

I won my 2nd blog contest, wow two in less than a month, I'm speechless, lol. I entered a contest over at I'm soon going to be the proud owner of the new Ghostbusters: The Video Game for Xbox 360! Whoo hoo! I'm really excited about winning this contest because the hubby & I haven't been able to spend any money in the past 9 months on video games. I'm a huge fan of nearly anything from the 80s & this is no exception! I might dig out my copy of the Ghostbusters Gift Set & watch both of the movies tonight to celebrate!


I'll also be doing another product review & giveaway within the next month so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!!


Also I thought I'd share this with you guys...
If you like yogurt you can get coupon for a free sample of Yoplait Whips just for signing up for the Betty Crocker email newsletter! I've already signed up! I love yogurt but never eat enough of it, lol, hopefully this will help change that.