Monday, December 7, 2009

WAKE UP!!!!!

You awake yet?... No?

Hard to wake up in the mornings? I am, but not because I don't hear my alarm go off, I'm just NOT a morning person at all, lol. For those of you that do have trouble waking up in the mornings here's a cool giveaway for you.

The Sonic Boom Alarm clock with a built in bed shaker is sure to have you rising N shining!

Go to Helping Mommys Win for your chance to WIN one of your very own!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Win a new cell phone!

All American Mommy is hosting a giveaway & you can win your very own, very cool, Motorola Evoke cell phone! Contest ends on December 15th. You can enter up to 4 times. GO HERE for your chance to win!

I'd love to win this nifty cell phone because of all the different brand name cell phones that I've used I find Motorola to be the most reliable & sturdy. My very first cell was a Motorola & it lasted for years wihtout any trouble. My hand-me-down LG phone is barely hanging on & I desperatly need a new phone but due to serious money troubles can't afford to get a new one. So who knows, maybe I'll get really lucky & snag this baby! :-)
Hey I could really use some good luck in my life right about now, even if it's only winning a cell phone, lol. Gotta keep my chin up somehow

WIN HP TouchSmart 600

Win an HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop!!

Jolly Mom is hosting a giveaway for this amazing new PC, you can ENTER HERE!!

I'd LOVE to win this beauty, man oh man would I!! It has an awesome App called "Recipe Box" that allows you to save your favorite recipes from various websites right to your 'recipe box" on your desktop & it's even bluetooth enabled so that you can go hands free & have the App read out the instructions to you!! AWESOME!!!!

Win An Epson Printer!

Win an Epson All In One Printer! Contest ends on December 7th! Enter HERE