Friday, February 26, 2010

The Good & The Bad

I realize that my blog has been lacking a lot these past 6 months & for that I apologize. I've missed being able to update my blog & I've missed being able to read over some of my favorite blogs.

During my 8th month of pregnancy the hubby & I lost our home & have been staying with family ever since. I didn't have internet access so blogging was not an option. During that time we also lost our dog Bowser. Nearly two months later Bowser was reunited with us, only to have him get hit by a truck soon after. We've been heartbroken at all of our seemingly "bad luck" these past few months. I'm not going to go into anymore details but it has been a really tough time for us. The only thing that's keeping us going is our wonderful little (nearly 6 month old) daughter, Emberlynn Frost McConaha. She's by far the light of our life.

It seems that things may slowly be starting to get back on track for us though, my mom & I are about to start school in April. We're going to the local tech school to get our Culinary Arts diploma. We're both pretty excited about that. I'm also starting to help my best friend with some of her blog template designs because I can really use the extra cash.

I don't really have much else to say at the moment, but I promise I'll keep updating as much as possible since I have internet again! :-)