Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Got A New Digi-Cam!!

A week ago today my new digi-cam ( Sony Cybershot DSC-S980 )arrived in the mail. I ordered it from Amazon via next day shipping because I needed it for my little sis' senior prom happening Friday. It arrived on time & in perfect condition.

I purchased this bundle mainly because I adored the camera case! LOL

When I decided to purchase this specific bundle there were no reviews on Amazon for it, but there were for just the camera itself. I read over them & decided to go with it because it seemed like a good little camera for the price. I'm not disappointed at all.

I just checked the reviews for the bundle & there were two that gave it only one star. Their complaints did not seem to make sense to me at all!

The reviews stated that this camera's shutter speed had a 6 second delay. I witnessed no such thing & just to make sure I had my hubby double check. We both came to the conclusion, after counting "one Mississippi, two Mississippi..." that the delay is only 1 - 2 seconds. Then just to triple check I took a pic of my kitchen timer set for 6secs, I hit both the timer & the shutter button at the same time & the pic was taken on the 5 second mark indicating that it is only about a one second delay.

The next complaint was that the pix turned out blurry. I failed to notice this thing called "blurry" that they speak of!

It was also stated in these reviews that the pix came out to dark. Again I fail to see it...
This was taken on the up-close/macro setting just to mess around & check it out. It was while my sis was getting ready for prom. I was in the kitchen, there were no lights on in the kitchen, dining room or living room. I did not have the flash turned on & the only source of light was BEHIND me from a window which had the mini blinds opened but was still covered by a sheer white curtain. I'm sorry I just don't see how their pics came out to dark if this one didn't!

I am by NO MEANS skilled in taking pictures (just go to my myspace & check out the pix taken with my pervious camera!) Yet I find it very simple to use this camera. The pictures turn out lovely. The settings are easy to figure out, the display screen is clear, bright & BIG. The tezt for the menu options is also a decent size so you don't have to strain to see what setting you want. All in all I personally think this camera ROCKS & am very pleased with my it's PINK!!

This product gets 5 out of 5 meows
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  1. I wanted this camera so bad, but the reviews scared me off. I am so happy that you posted these pics. They look amazing.

  2. My bf just bought me the camera for our 3rd anniversary. When I saw the reviews I was a little nervous but after seeing your pics I'm psyched. Your pics came out really nice!

  3. I saw your review on Amazon and decided to come here to check out your pics...they look great! Your review (and this blog + pics) has persuaded me to purchase this camera! Thx!

  4. Thanks for the comments and the pics look great. i am going to order this Dig camera for my daughter she is turning 5yrs on 16th June and she is very good with cameras.

    And the colour is just right for a Girl.

  5. this is totally awesome! i have placed my order. apparently prices hv went up to approx 200usd together with the camera case(old price: 150usd).

  6. Hi when I first saw this camera on Amazon they had only five left at a really great price, then the next day there was only one and the price had increased. I became hysterical as I really wanted this camera. But I eventually got it at the incresaed price. I am not a camera pro, but I really liked the presentation. I didn't really read the reviews as I was a first time Amazon shopper so I purchased the camera prior to reading them. I have not gotten it yet as I am in Jamaica awaiting its arrival and I can't wait. Thanks for the pictures they are great.