Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Shopping

Today my mom & I are going shopping for me some maternity clothes. I've now gotten a nice belly & can't really fit into any of my old clothes anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to find something cute. Although I really only need to get a few pair of preggy shorts & some capris. Maternity shirts I don't think I'll really need, I'm just buying cute shirts in sizes that are bigger that what I normally wear.

We also have to stop by the craft store & look for some smaller stencils. The ones we got from Wal-Mart lastnight were cute but I think some of them might be too big for what we need them for.

If our little craft projects take off & turn out nifty then I'll be doing some giveaways soon hopefully. I actually need to go ahead & do one this week for one of my handpoured soy candles, so check back!!


  1. hi there, hope you got some great stuff today, but nothing compared to the great award i'm giving you... stop by my blog to grab it!

  2. That sounds like a fun day...I love craft stores :) my favorite