Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And Nothing...

Today has been filled with lots of ideas & no action.
I just can't seem to get motivated at all. I'm totally exhausted & have zero energy. This pregnancy thing is kicking my butt. Man I don't know what all those women are talking about who say "Oh being pregnant was the BEST time of my life!"
Either they're insane or I'm just having a rough go of it, this sucks.

My back kills me all the time, doesn't matter if I'm walking, sitting or laying, it just HURTS. My feet, mostly my heels, kill me for hours on end if I have to be on them for more than 15mns at a time.

So did anyone out there in my reader land have this happen to you?
Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to increase my energy? I seriously have none. I know that exercising would help but I'm tired I can't get motivated to do anything, blah.

Someone give some earth shattering advice will ya? :P

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