Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holy Ouch!!

The hubby had just went to bed & I'd sat back down in front of the computer piddling around on BzzAganet & doing a few other things online. I'd made myself a small bowl of cereal & was planning on having a snack before bed. After settling into this hard, non comfy chair, I started having pain in my ribs. It slowly got worse & by the time I made it to the bedroom to wake Jason up I was in tears. Sitting on the bed holding his hand I had a severe & sudden stabbing pain in my ribs that caused me to start sobbing like a little girl. IT HURT!!

I called my mom, who lives accross teh street & told her I wanted to go to the ER! I told Jason to stay & sleep since he had to work tomorrow. So mom arrived & we talked for abit. She said she didn't think I really needed to go & that it was most likely a combo of gas pains in my ribs & Frost moving around. Well I'm gonna say she's right, cause everyone knows their mother always knows best! All I know is right now my ribs are killing me & lil' Frost feels like she's doing back flips!

I think I might need to go lay down

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