Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Do They Do It?

You always seem to hear pregnant women say "Oh it's cool, I'm eating for two now!" as they scarf down tons of food. (I know it's really a myth but whatever)

My point is this...

Since I've gotten pregnant I seem to be eating more but in reality I'm really not. I'm eating alot more often but I'm eating ALOT smaller portions of food. Mainly because my tummy can't handle it. I get full soooo fast. And then I get miserable for hours after wards.

I don't know about the human body & stuff but my hubby brought up a good point. Since the baby is growing underneath the stomach area wouldn't your stomach then get pushed up or something. Causing you to possibly feel fuller, eat less, have more gastric troubles while pregnant etc?...

Makes sense to me. LOL

All I know is that today I've been totally MISERABLE all day long. MY back has been hurting me more & my ribs on the upper right side are killing me. I wish I could figure out how to lessen the discomfort. I asked my doc & she just said that it's all normal. :-/


  1. I wish you well with your new baby. I enjoyed reading your post. Keep the Faith