Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wet Weekend & Other Stuff

I'm so sick of the rain. I hate the rainy "season" here in Savannah.

We were supposed to have friends over to grill out tonight but it's supposed to be storming all weekend. What a shame because this morning it's really nice out & pretty.


Yesterday the hubby brought home an adorable lil' black N white kitten! He saw it not far from his work, trotting in the road right towards his truck. So he got out & moved it to the side of the road where it's mother was following along in the grass, but before he could get back in the truck the kitten had resumed it's stance in front of his truck. Obviously no one ever told Mamma Cat not to let her babies play in the road!! So then Jason decided to play DFACS & just brought the kitten home.

The kitten is sooooo cute & has the coolest facial markings I think I've ever seen & he's got whishers for days! OMG they are so lovely!!

I really want to keep this kitten but I know we don't need to. When we found out that I was pregnant we gave away most of our pets: 2 snakes, 2 ferrets & one kitty. We planned on simply keeping the Pit, "Bowser", kitty "Sage" & the 10ft Burmese Python "Rico Suave". We still have 2 of Sage's kittens that we are trying to give away...So we really don't need another kitten...but it's sooooo CUTE!!!

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