Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last House On The Left...Left Me Speechless

I saw the preview for "The Last House On The Left" a week or so ago & thought it looked awesome. I've really been wanting to watch it. My little sister & her boyfriend rented it & said that it "Started off making you think you'd wasted your money but it got better"

Well...they've never had the best taste in movies...

So tonight Hubby & I cooked pizza & curled up on the couch, taking a break from our WoW playing to order it on Direct TV.

It didn't take too long for it to kick in & when it did it didn't let go till the explosive ending. I'm totally blown away by this flick. It's without a doubt one of the BEST movies to be remade. (granted I didn't see the original, but from what I've heard that's a good thing) Hell I think it's one of the best thriller/suspense movies to come outta Hollywood in a long long time. It takes a lot to get me on the edge of my seat when it comes to movies but with this one I literally was sitting on the edge of the couch, lol.

So if you're looking for an over the top adrenaline rush that's actually very believable then you NEED to watch this movie asap!

*There is one extremely painful scene to watch, not for the faint of heart, I couldn't watch it & brought me to sob like a baby. You've been warned


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  2. ok..i am not going to watch

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  4. That movie sounds great! I'll need to make sure the babies are fast asleep so they don't hear me scream (I scream - LOUD - at scary movies). Hubbie won't take me to one in public not since the screaming at Blair Witch - hahaha!