Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Såpeterapi bath & body review

Aimee from Såpeterapi, a little bath & body shop on, was recently kind enough to send me a few samples to review. I received 2 bar soaps, a whipped Sape soap & a whipped body yogurt. I was really excited to try the Sape because I've never tried any type of whipped soap before & I wasn't let down at all.

The Red Lychee Tea Sape that I tried was awesome, I really enjoyed it. It was frothy & creamy & filled with little "scrubber beads" for extra smoothness & moisturizing. The stuff did it's job great & the scent was lovely, light & sweet but not to over powering.

The PepperBerry whipped body yogurt (lotion) is what I truly adore though!! I've heard of the PepperBerry scent before but have never had the pleasure of actually smelling it. Wow I've been missing a lovely treat! (I'm gonna have to try & find this scent for the next time I make candles!) Exotic & mysterious are the words that come to mind when I smell this. It's spiciness grabs you right from the start & doesn't let go until it works it's way into a smooth sweet undertone of something I can't quiet place. The scent is DIVINE, I love it...& it seems the Hubby does as well cause when I put it on I couldn't keep him away!! This lotion was a lot lighter & not nearly as thick as some other natural lotions that I have tried. Since it wasn't as heavy it went on smoother, soaked in quicker & left my skin feeling great, not all weighed down & "coated" like the thicker creams.

Now as far as using bar soaps I'm honestly not the biggest fan, I never really have been, but that's just me. I did give the Oatmeal, Milk N Honey bar soap a try & to my surprise it wasn't bad. It didn't leave me with that "film" like bar soap tends to do & it didn't leave my skin feeling really dried out. My hubby is the big bar soap user so he wanted to get in on trying it out also. He "really liked it", lol. He certainly has a way with words huh? :P

So all in all I've really enjoyed the chance to try out Aimee's products & recommend them to anyone looking for high quality, cute packaging & great scents! I know I'll be ordering myself some more of her PepperBerry body yogurt when my little pot runs dry!! :-)

PS- I was going to include pics in my review but my camera died on me & my charger for it's battery pack is currently MIA due to the fact that we're in the process of moving.

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