Sunday, December 6, 2009

Win a new cell phone!

All American Mommy is hosting a giveaway & you can win your very own, very cool, Motorola Evoke cell phone! Contest ends on December 15th. You can enter up to 4 times. GO HERE for your chance to win!

I'd love to win this nifty cell phone because of all the different brand name cell phones that I've used I find Motorola to be the most reliable & sturdy. My very first cell was a Motorola & it lasted for years wihtout any trouble. My hand-me-down LG phone is barely hanging on & I desperatly need a new phone but due to serious money troubles can't afford to get a new one. So who knows, maybe I'll get really lucky & snag this baby! :-)
Hey I could really use some good luck in my life right about now, even if it's only winning a cell phone, lol. Gotta keep my chin up somehow

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